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Photo/Foto Gallery: Oxnard Christmas Parade

Oxnard Christmas Parade

Photo/Foto Gallery:
Desfile y El Grito de Independencia de México
Photo/Foto Gallery:
Consulado de México festeja el mes patrio 2014
Photo/Foto Gallery:
Coronación Reina Fiestas Patrias
Photo/Foto Gallery:
Evento Club Zacatecanos
Photo/Foto Gallery:
Candidatas Reina Fiestas Patrias
Photo/Foto Gallery:
National Night Out
Photo/Foto Gallery:
Rio Distric School

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Vida Newspaper is an independent community newspaper published by Vida Publications every Thursday morning.
Vida Newspaper is a legally adjudicated newspaper of general circulation for the County of Ventura and the Judicial District of the Superior Court of Ventura County.
Serving this community since September 1983.



About Vida Newspaper

As you are aware Ventura County, is one of the leading Hispanic markets in the U.S. With a Hispanic population of 465,000. It makes sense for you to target this growing sector of our community. Vida Newspaper, Ventura County's Hispanic local publication for over 31 years,
effectively delivers your message. And now with our English section LIFE In Our Community, you can reach the general public as well.

With Vida Newspaper your message will reach the general population of the area. Distributed throughout the area, to select business persons and professionals, Vida Newspaper / LIFE In Our Community delivers core coverage every week.

Aimed toward the family, Vida Newspaper, targets the core unit of our society. Promoting a positive image, spotlights excellence among our community. Our editorial content educates, informs and creates an awareness of our cultures, entertainment and social developments.

Hispanics are the fastest growing ethnic group, not only locally and in the state, but in the rest of the country as well. Projections are that in Ventura County, Hispanics will number 472,000 in the year 2012. That will be 49% of the total population in this county. In the city of Oxnard the
percentage of Hispanics is more than 67% at the present time. It is worth noting that the media age is 27. Thus Hispanics constitute a young group whose real influence is only now being felt politically, social and economically.

Over 75 percent of all school children are Hispanic. 73% of all Hispanics speak Spanish, and research has shown that changes in consumer behavior were more likely through Spanish-language ads than English. Industry Research indicates a high product loyalty for Hispanics. This includes
loyalty to companies who market and identify Hispanics. The family is the center of social and recreational activities among Hispanics. Families tend to be more extended that non-Hispanic families. In many of these families there are more than two income earners, thereby increasing the income level per family unit.

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to let me know.

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Thank you,

Lic. Manuel M. Muñoz